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Our Projects

Take a look at a few of our installations. This is but a small sample of our work but if any of it interests you as an option for your own home, click on the button below to contact us.  Alternatively, give us a call on  (03) 9877 7765.

 A Translucent Solution

Having a lovely garden outlook with no privacy concerns, our client enjoyed sunlight filtering through to the depths of their home. So when they were looking to mute the intensity of it in the afternoons, Luxaflex Single-Cell Duette Shades in a translucent fabric were a perfect solution.

Not only do they look great, but Luxaflex Duette Shades provide thermal insulation and sound absorption without losing form or efficiency. They are easy-care and functional with multiple operating systems include child-safe options and Powerview for added convenience.


Let There Be Light, Privacy & Elegance

Our clients were situated on a corner block and so were quite exposed to the neighbourhood from many angles. Privacy was obviously a concern with such large windows, however our clients did not want to compromise on their access to sunlight. The easily controlled tilting vanes of the Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers were a great solution - a simple twist opens or closes the vanes up to 180 degrees. They have the luxurious look of soft curtains with the functionality of blinds allowing full control of privacy and light.

For our clients' east-facing window, we additionally installed Powerview motorisation. Through the Powerview Hub app they can now pre-programme when the sheers will open and close according to their lifestyle needs.


Refinement with Functionality

Our client lived on a busy street and privacy was paramount when it came to choosing their window furnishings. However, they did not want to compromise on their romantic style.

We suggested installing Luxaflex Block Out Roller Blinds in Versailles fabric and overlaying them with custom-made sheer curtains using Warwick Chios. This combination allowed our client to retain a soft aesthetic in the room while being able to attain complete privacy when necessary.

They can now really rest peacefully, away from prying eyes, in a beautiful space.


A Designer's Choice

We absolutely love the chic results from our latest installation where we worked with Sharon Cassar from Out of the Box Interior Design. 

The client had a couple of quite oddly shaped windows that required a very accurate fitting. We were able to snugly install these stylish black timber shutters and finished the large lounge window with Luxaflex Duette Shades.

Luxaflex Duette Shades have so many options making them suitable for just about any scenario. Their insulating qualities will also keep the room cool for summer and cosy in winter, saving the client on energy costs going forward - what a result!

Call us on 98777765 if you have a tricky installation.


The Ultimate Bathroom Solution

You really can't go past Luxaflex Polysatin Shutters when it comes to window furnishings in your bathroom. They are so durable and guaranteed not to peel, blister or flake which is great for a room with so much moisture. They don't need repainting or care like timber shutters do so offer a very easy solution.

Not only are they durable, but Luxaflex Polysatin Shutters are so easy to clean too - all it takes is a cloth for a simple wipe down.

Our client was very happy with the decision to install these shutters particularly because they look so modern and chic. For a bathroom, you sometimes obviously need privacy and these are so easy to manoeuvre. What is not to love!?!


Final Touches to an Award Winning Home

Our client's award winning home at Safety Beach has beautiful light that the owners wanted to enhance in the lounge. However, at times they did need some help with the glare, so Luxaflex translucent rollers were a simple and effective solution.

Our client can now tranquilly enjoy the ambient afternoon light without hindrance.

Call us on 9877 7765 to see how we can help you find a solution to the specific requirements of your home.


Showcase Your Architraves

For this installation our customers were looking for durability and enduring style - this was their dream home where they planned to be for a very long time. With many arched windows in the home, we used basswood shutters with shaped tops. The shutters were the best possible option as they highlighted the shape of the windows and showcased the intricate architraves surrounding each of them.

The shutters have an additional benefit in that the louvres are easy to manipulate to control the level of privacy whilst at the same time allowing in light. This ability is of paramount importance to our clients as their home sits on a main road. The shutters also act as a very effective insulator saving our clients on energy costs.


Whichever Way You Like

We love the versatility of Luxaflex Duette Shades and for this recent installation our client went with top down bottom up operating system. Drop the shades from the top or pull them up from the bottom - and let in the right amount of light while being able to maintain your privacy.

However, the best feature of Luxaflex Duette Shades is their patented honeycomb construction providing insulation for your home. Save on energy costs as these shades keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter - and they are stylish to boot.

For this installation we used Elan Translucent Journal which is a range exclusively available to Luxaflex Gallery stores.


Keep the View, Spare the Glare

When your home has a great view you always want to make the most of it. That was the challenge our client faced - maintain their views but cut the afternoon glare and heat. As they did not have privacy concerns, Luxaflex Roller Blinds in a Sunscreen fabric were perfect.

For added convenience, our client added QMotion automation which worked well because:

  • It is a low cost installation with no electrician required

  • It gives a clean appearance without cords or wires making it child friendly, and

  • It has internal technology that leads to less noise and batteries lasting up to 5 years.

They also connected a Q-Sync box to their wi-fi which talks to any Q-Motion blinds in the house and can be controlled from their iphones and ipads.


A Chic Update

We got rid of some ugly old blinds for our client and installed these fabulous Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings in their lounge/dining room. They feature the signature vanes suspended between two sheer facings for light diffusion and UV filtration providing a lovely warm glow to the room.

Making it even easier, our client opted for Powerview Motorisation, so the shadings can be opened and closed automatically at set times. We've set up 'scenes' for automatic light and privacy settings to suit our client's needs for the time of day.

Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings are chic to boot, so they have instantly upgraded the room to match our client's already stylish decor.

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