Find Your Style - 8 Tips to Help!

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A number of our clients and friends are looking at renovating their homes to give them a little spark, a new feel, or just to update a room or two to liven up the home.

With that in mind, if you are looking for some inspiration or ideas, here’s 8 style hints and tricks we’d recommend you consider:

  1. Trust Your Gut – when you walk into a property listen to your feelings and thoughts. Does the space make you happy or anxious?


  2. Natural Light – Always look to use natural light as its energy efficient, can lift the mood and look of your interior, as well as lighten a happy home.


  3. Background Music – You’d be surprised how soft background music can change the dynamic of a home. Plus you’ll probably feel like you’re in your own movie or TV show.


  4. White makes Bright – Even if your home is a little dark, consider using light colours on the walls to reflect light and brighten spaces. A little paint can be a quick fix an easy fix.


  5. Curves are inviting – Round and curved furniture make a space feel inviting and soften a room making it more liveable. Obviously, they’re safer for young children.


  6. Mood Lighting – While sunlight helps in the day, look to light up your home at night. Soft lighting, lights at different angles, or even candles can add a new dimension to your home.


  7. Find a Style – There’s nothing like walking into a beautiful home with a consistent style. Find images you like and then identify what is consistent about them to create a single home.


  8. Show the Traveller in you – whether you travel near or far, show your passion through photos from St. Kilda, rugs from Chile, wines from Yarra, or a vase from Asia. These items tell people about who you are and where you’ve been.


If you’re looking for some inspiration, come into our showroom to see our latest fabrics and new products, otherwise we look forward to your ideas and helping you create them with our partner network.

Written by Wall-to-Wall Furnishings with some inspiration from Australian Home Ideas, vol. 10 (1).


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